June 8, 2021

Brute Force Dracul Script [NEW] [FREE]

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Hello guys, I was trying to sell my python brute force script, but like me you are poor…hahahaha or not…

So the code is simple and the diference from the other BF scripts is that my BF script combine the success login title page with the form inputs.

You just have to give the userlist, passlist and titlelist information to the script and it will do everything. The script can be run with TOR proxy or not, and it will change the IP at time to preserve the target url access and prevent IDS and other things like it, of course you have to use it to understand how BF works. The scenario I used in the video tutorial was local target and not wan target…so use this for good…

Here is the video link to show how it works:

Git Hub Link: 


Thank you Smile

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