Telangana Govt Extends COVID-19 Lockdown By 10 Days, Read What’s Allowed And What’s Closed

Written by  on May 31, 2021

What’s allowed, what’s not

  • All activities will be allowed from 6 AM to 2 PM every day instead of 6 AM to 10 AM.
  • Strict lockdown will continue from 2 PM till 6 AM the next day.
  • Shops selling food, groceries, fruits and vegetables, meat and fish, and animal fodder are allowed to operate from 6 am to 1 PM (an extra one hour has been generated for people to return home).
  • The relaxation period is also for those dealing with vegetables and fruits through pushcarts, milk booths, home delivery of essential items, and banks, insurance offices and ATMs.
  • All social/political/sports/entertainment/academic/cultural/religious functions/ other large gatherings will remain prohibited.
  • No relaxation has been announced for religious planes as well.