June 10, 2021

Trading private/semi-private databases

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Stuff I currently have:
edm.com [2017-08] [71.734 Users] [BCRYPT]  |  Some hashes $2y$08 & others $2y$10
abvent.fr [2021-03] [63.695 Users] [MD5]
BackpackBang.com [2019-06] [281.657 Users] [SHA-1]
4over4.com [2021-02] [210.497 Users] [MD5]
minto.com [2021-01] [89.326 Users] [BCRYPT]
youpu.cn [2019-04] [2.519.084 Users] [UNKNOWN – looks like md5 but isn’t (?)] | 437.607 Unique Emails, because a lot of the data people used phone numbers for signin
cotizup.com [2021-05] [71.240 Users] [BCRYPT]  |  Similar to gofundme but in France
workshape.io [2021-04] [27.448 Users, 488.302 Scraped profiles] [BCRYPT] | Developer type site, used for recruiting developers
impacthub.net [2020-12] [22.781 Users] [BCRYPT]
banque-casino.fr [2021-01] [6.104 Users] [SHA-256]

Previews of each file:

– Don’t want Indonesian data, or anything from shithole countries
– Don’t want any type of scraped data.
– You are not allowed to leak any of this data. If something gets leaked, and it gets traced back to you, I will not be happy

Mostly just want semi-private/private databases. I don’t mind how old data is (All I do is collect data), just don’t send me public stuff and expect me not to notice. I am not selling any of these for money, I am *ONLY* trading at this point in time. Don’t ask me if you can buy any of them, because I’m only trading.

Also: I’m not going to be giving samples for “Cracking/testing”, I’m honestly too tired to hear the whole ramble and how you want 2k lines of each one of my databases for you to run a “test”, for you to then just ghost me after raping my databases, no. I’m also not looking for any cracking services, so please don’t PM me asking to crack my data. Anybody that ignores this and decides to message me anyways asking about said things will get -50rep because I’m too tired of dumb messages filling my PMs. You have been warned! Heart


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